Il nuovo papa Francesco e' davvero rivoluzionario e non finisce di stupire.
Da oggi l'acqua santa sara' disponibile anche nelle varianti 'gassata' e 'ferrarelle'.



When a country has a very large army, one of these two options apply: this army either works - in a war. Or it just gets continuous budget cuts due to unnecessary over-sizing.

The US army is so big and influential over the USA economy that it won't accept any significant budget cut. So the war is the option that remains. Every 3-5 years there has to be a war. It is not important who wins, if anyone will ever win, or lose. There just have to be spending, bombs, ammunition, and young immigrants sacrificed with a promise of a visa, and citizenship.

Next war partner is: North Korea. Get ready for some democracy bringing.



On the 9-11-2001 some nonexistent Arabs hijack  3 planes. They have attended 5 lessons of flight and manage to throw these planes precisely into incredibly small targets - compared to the speed and difficulty - without having any problem.

Two of them hit the twin towers, and as soon as the towers are hit, they crumble down exploding every floor at once. The fastest pancake collapse ever. Incredibly similar to controlled collapse as when demolishing old buildings.

The third plane hits precisely the Pentagon but no traces whatsoever of the wings, seats, human bodies etc remain - everything is dust. But some Arab passports found there, remain almost unburned.

 The USA networks show the same two photoshopped movies of the hits. Over and over.

An Arab bad guy with a shovel wrapped around his head is the mind of it all. After some years the USA catch him without showing him. They kill him without showing him and they "bury him at sea" in no time.

Really? I mean - REALLY ? Couldn't you at least do it a bit better?
R E A L L Y ?
Do you think we are so stupid?????

Around two millions innocent Iraqis, Afghans and Pakistanis are killed later on by the USA, in (real) revenge of the (fake) 9-11 attack. REALLY. 

I honestly can't see the difference between the USA of 2001 and the Reich Germany on the kristallnacht...when will it be the innocent victims' new Nurnberg?